Certified Food Industry Technicians need to understand basic principles of mechanical and electrical technologies. Students in the FIT Program receive hands on training in industrial safety, mechanics and electronics, and other topics related to the environments in which they will work.

There are three ways to meet the educational requirements for the FIT Training Certification:

  1. Complete a diploma program in Electrical and Electronics Systems Technician (EEST) or the equivalent from a FIT-Certified Academic Provider. These Academic Providers offer programs covering mechanical and electrical principles, plus additional coursework that provide knowledge needed by food industry technicians.
  2. Complete two or more years of equivalent technical education courses in a variety of areas that meet the development standards that have been set in the existing program.
  3. Meet the equivalent of the educational standards of the program through a combination of work experiences, training and education.

Additionally, students selected into FIT Certification Training have agreed to:

  • Relocation and extensive work-related travel
  • 3.0 Cumulative GPA or better and 3.0 Electronics GPA
  • 90% Attendance or better in prerequisite programs
  • Provide a driving abstract and criminal background check

Visit our Academic Program Providers page to learn more about how to complete the FIT program educational requirements.