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FIT is a unique opportunity that is presented to select students that have graduated from a qualifying FIT-Certified Academic Provider’s electrical program. Since education is a lifelong commitment, we congratulate you on your recent accomplishment but ask “will you be ready to meet the ever-growing challenges of tomorrow?

The Food Industry Technician (FIT) program is a 3-month development program for students seeking careers in the Food and Beverage processing, packaging and the equipment manufacturing industry. FIT is available only to students that have completed a qualifying electrical program through a FIT-Certified Academic Provider

Students in this program focus on:

  • Mechanics
  • Electronics
  • Pneumatics and Hydraulics
  • Freestanding and Integrated Processing Equipment

The FIT Development Program is available at the Lincoln Tech® Indianapolis, Indiana campus location.

Through the successful completion of just three FIT Program classes, you will be eligible for a long-term career in a high demand field that is one of the fastest growing and most secure career opportunities of a lifetime. This unique opportunity will provide you with expanded skill sets that result in receiving a FIT Certificate, which qualifies you for endless highly compensated job opportunities.

FIT Certification will set you apart from other EEST graduates by providing you with hands-on technical training in the Food & Beverage Processing & Packaging Industry that continues to expand by leaps and bounds each year.

Be the Graduate that has over 500+ companies competing for your skills.

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