What are the next steps?

The FPSA understands the struggle of finding qualified service technician within our industry. Many of our members are asking themselves…

  • How can we find trained technicians that will adapt into their business?
  • How can we eliminate paying outside agencies to help with staffing technicians?
  • Do we train technicians on basic skills needed within our positions?
  • How we will prepare for future openings if we currently have open positions in the company affecting the bottom line? What will this look like in 5 years?

The Food Industry Technician Program (FIT) was created to bridge this connection by having new recruits train for fantastic careers available in our industry. To view and hire graduates of the FIT Certification Program, member company representatives are required to attend an in-person hiring event. The hiring events will be held on a quarterly basis.


Ready to hire a FIT Graduate?

To view FIT student profiles and register for a hiring event, please contact us.

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