FPSA Members Identify Training as a Major Challenge Facing Food Processing Industry

By September 10, 2015Food Industry, Workforce Training

In the months leading up to PROCESS EXPO 2015, FPSA reached out to several of its members to learn more about current trends and technologies, as well as challenges facing the food processing industry. One of the challenges that came up repeatedly was difficulty finding qualified workers, especially qualified technicians.

Here are some quotes from FPSA members on the need for a more highly trained workforce:

Our biggest challenge is finding skilled labor to assemble and run the high-tech equipment. Our workforce is not properly trained coming in, so we need to do our own training. ~Bob Grote, Grote Company

Source: New Technologies, Automation, and Robotics Come to Meat Processing

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics nearly one in four American workers will soon be 55 or older. In fact, we think this trend might even be worse in our industry given the fact that careers in the food and beverage industry do not get the same attention among millennials as some of the sexier fields. ~Ken Hagedorn, Chairman of the FPSA Bakery Council and Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Naegele, Inc.

Source: PROCESS EXPO Asks, “Where Have All the Bakers Gone?”

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